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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your living room performance last week. Whoa…lots of talent. The photos on your site are really nice too. Best, CK

  2. Your latest has brought me hours of pure joy and wonder, amusement and amazement. I am happy to know you!

    Dennis C.

  3. Just heard your song on the radio, love the playing & writing. You’ve got a new fan, can’t wait for the album!

  4. I am so moved by your music. It is brilliant. So rich. Fully realized. I am awed by the dynamic nature. The tunes are so different but work together as a seemless story that never ends. I cannot articulate how enjoyable it is to hear them. But Brother, you need to lay off the Glockenspiel??? I find it mood altering and puts me into Theta Brain Waves leaving me somnambulistic. Man you need to back from the Glock and no one will get hurt. Lol no seriously, the playing is great, and I am blown away with Rima’s playing, she is shredding. I didn’t realize she could extend the range of her axe. Her tone is beautiful. You are a beautiful union of souls. Your music takes me to the oversoul. I cant say enough of the mature, refined, soulful, inventive, arrangements of your pieces. You are a brilliant song writer that deserves international recognition.

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